Michał Łopuszyński

Michał Łopuszyński

Data Scientist

My current research interests embrace interdisciplinary applications of machine learning methods and shallow natural language processing.

I hold a PhD in theoretical physics. My research were carried out within the framework of Polish-German PhD studies organised jointly by ICM and IWR, University of Heidelberg. I specialised in Monte Carlo simulations of complex materials.

I took part in numerous interdisciplinary projects related to mathematical modelling, supercomputing technologies, and data analysis. This included predicting properties of complex materials for biosensors and blue optoelectronic, building rapid prototyping platform for parallel text processing, simulations of Bose-Einstein condensates, data analysis from high-energy physics experiment, porting and optimising computational codes for various supercomputing architectures, and maintaining Polish grid infrastructure.

During my work and studies I visited numerous foreign institutions either for training or exchange. This included University of Heidelberg, Darmstadt University, Sheffield Hallam University, and CERN.