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15 September 2014 by Piotr Dendek

You need 20 hours to be initially good at something and 10000 hours to be an expert in any domain. Be an expert easier and faster!

So how do you do it? First of all, you do the same thing for a long time. In fact, this is everything you need. The longer version is that you are good at something because you are refreshing your knowledge repeatedly. In order to do it effectively, you should make Learning Curve work for you and not against you.

Now, how to be an expert in everything you want and at the same time use the Learning Curve? To do so, you need to be exposed to the knowledge at appropriate time intervals. Doing it by yourself is tedious, but what if there was an app that could do it for you? And what if its name was Memrise?

Eventually, the most important question: how would this blog post go if no more freaky question were asked?!

So we have this great tool and we can use it. In IT there are myriads of APIs and other stuff.

This is good time to state that I am not an employee of Memrise and I have no shares of it in my pocket. Also, although above courses are mainly created by me, they are free and you can use them to boost your own skills.

As I have much more courses to mention, I grouped them into tracks which allow building one skill set at a time.

Perfect UNIX Administrator

  1. Shell-fu
  2. Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. VIM
  4. Vi Keyboard
  5. An introduction to regular expressions
  6. Linux fies system hierarchy

Programming Polyglot

  1. Frequently Used R Commands
  2. R Reference Card
  3. Scala Cheat Sheet
  4. Scala [unauthorized] Twitter School
  5. Apache Pig Built-in UDFs
  6. Apache Spark API Basics
  7. Google Guava Library
  8. Github Git Cheat Sheet

Google Cloud Engine Specialist

  1. [unauthorized] GCloud Usage
  2. [unauthorized] BDUtil Usage
  3. Apache Spark API Basics

Connoisseur of Poland :-)

  1. Poczet władców Polski
  2. Podział administracyjny Polski
  3. Miasta Polski
  4. Dzielnice Warszawy
  5. Prawo jazdy
  6. Polskie słówka, które zwiększą obwód twojego bicka
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