Perfect Data Analysis for Every Moment – ICM at Spotify 2014

26 March 2014 by Piotr Jan Dendek Mateusz Fedoryszak & Michał Oniszczuk

Since monday we have started our one week in-house cooperation with Spotify at its Stockholm HQ.

We had meeting with people from virtually all IT divisions. It is always a pleasure to meet passionate people who believe in what they do and basically dream in code.

On Monday evening we gave a talk (see below) about data analysis at ICM, Scoobie and Spark.

Since yesterday we've been cracking Spotify data (the privilage which is not given to everyone :-) ) It is no surprise that the data analysis tools, which we employ on the regular basis for scholarly communication is also useful for Spotify's data.

We hope that the cooperation will be fruitfull for both sides and that using out heatmaps we can elevate the temperature in Stockholm even more.

P.S. Sincere thanks for Adam Kawa, Boxun Zhang and many others, for inviting us, exchanging experiences and creating extraordinary environment. Spotify, you are the best!

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